A colorful and unique formed vessel makes each of you an artist, and you can create a luxurious lifestyle as you wish. These beautiful works of finest decorations with traditional techniques, which have been practiced for 110 years by high-skilled artisans, are all for you. You can combine freely and make the only art piece in the world.

Besides KACHOU MUTAN series so far, new items are added like pots, small plates and round-shaped boxes,and more luxurious and matchless world is presented.

Wouldn’t you like to innovate the dreaming world of Kinzangama Kiln with 110 years history to a more unique and original one?


This beautiful shape produced by layering various glasses and bowls represent a sample of traditional technique and design which Kinzangama Kiln has inherited so far. Each item, by accumulating like a tower, brings dramatic changes to our living space. There are many variations in shapes, which makes tables much more charming. These are art pieces of Kinzangama Kiln produced with an expectation for new and rich atmosphere in between’good old’traditional crafts and’modern’lifestyles.


In Ancient India, they worshiped a peacock dancing gracefully with their feathers spreading out as the most beautiful and significant bird of all in the world. A figure of peacock with gold decoration over deep blue and green blue glaze is giving off rather mysterious and brilliant light.
Here a pattern of peacock feather, which could be often found in the archive of Kinzangama Kiln, is delicately expressed in a traditional technique with gold glaze. A bold design is also produced with pieces of gold leaf.


A peony is a gorgeous flower. It is said that Princess Yang Kwei Pei deeply loved it as king of flowers. There is even an anecdote that in her court at night butterflies which were flocking around peonies were caught, which turned out to be gold. It has a small round bud and a beautiful large flower. This is why it symbolizes happiness and wealth. One of the traditional designs of Kinzangama Kiln called hanazume style, painting auspicious flowers in every direction, was applied to this series.


A carp climbing up rapid stream is leaping over Dragon’s Gate, ascending to Heaven, and finally becomes a dragon.
This figure of a carp represents a wish for great success in life. A jumping carp is drawn in a gentle as well as stereoscopic manner.


Did I become a butterfly? Or did a butterfly rather become myself? A butterfly is fluttering around in the sky in attractively colorful costume as if it is inviting to a daydream.
This butterfly design has been passed down in Kinzangama Kiln, and here it is expressed with gold decoration applied over colorful over enamels.